Chevrolet Firing Order:
1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2
700 R4 Transmission Throttle Pull:
Must be 1.110 inches from the center of the throttle shaft.
bolt on a simple piece of 1/8 inch steel made into a bracket, uses two 6/32 screws to attach it to the throttle baile (the part the throttle cable connects to).

Be sure the distance from the throttle manishaft to the center of the hole for the cable pull is very, very close to 1.110 (inches), or the trans will not shift right and will have internal pressure issues and fail.

Other things to remember about your cable is that at half throttle, the part you made shoould have thye hole dead bottom of the curve it makes as it operates. The total number of degrees the arc should have is 78. At half throttle (hole at lowest point) the cable should be level , so you'll have to make the outer cable holder to do this. The cable pull will rise a touch at idle and full throttle, but that isn't a problem.

Most all quality 700 performance people say this adjustment is the most critical one that has to be made, and if it isn't done right, the trans will go to junk.

We had to dig this info up for ourselves when my friend and I did a 700 into his 65 El Camino. It was a Bowtie Overdrives "complete" kit, with absolutely no information about this adjustment or modification in the kit, and we got no info at all when we called them. We were told that if the trans failed, it would be from our installation being wrong or abuse, no other factor was possible with one of their transmissions/kits. I went to the wrecking yard and looked at both a TBI and TPI setup, took measurements and came up with these figures, they fixed the problem, nothing else worked.