No fun task removing the loser control arm.  Use a center pull spring compressor.  You have to grab the spring very high and leave the bottom sticking out of the control arm.  compress the spring down onto the control arm till you have about a 1/4" clearance at the top of the spring.  About 3" of compression.  Put a jack under the thing, it is a little heavy and it's awkward to get ahold of.  Undo all bolts leave them in place, nuts off.  Remove the bushing bolts first then the shock bolts. 
I used simple green and a brush to degrease these parts before removing the rust.
Rust was remove with a wire brush and sandpaper.  The parts have rust converter on them till I can get back to cleaning them more.
The painstaking process follows.
1. wire brush off all loose rust and grease.
2. Clean with denatured alcohol.  This changes the PH of the metal preventing rust in the future.
3. Apply rust converter.  (if you have a sand blaster you could probable skip this part.
4. Sand after converter dries.
5. Apply primer.
6. Apply Paint.
7. Allow to dry at least 24 hours and apply some carnuba wax.
I couldn't beat the price on this beauty, free.  The car had a fire in the engine compartment but the body was in fairly good shape.  I towed it home on a dolly cleaned it up and put it in the tent.  Pictures taken September 27, 2007.
The engine came out, front suspension, then I rolled the transmission out on a dolly.
Rigged the tent with tools and lights.  November 2007